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2012 Emilee Hammon Award Winner
Kim Pierrotti & Jude Ann Adcock
Hunter Pierrotti & Brian Cochard
NDGA Nationals / Emilee Hammon Award
2013 Kaufman Cnty Jr. Livestock Show
Dairy Goat Class
Specializing in Dairy Goats
The Lone Star Goat Club is an association of dairy goat breeders and fanciers from both Texas and across the US.  The purpose of the Lone Star Goat Club is to promote miniature dairy goats including the Nigerian Dwarf breed through shows, clinics, workshops and other educational events.  The Lone Star Goat Club also supports the youth of tomorrow by managing events and a county based club for 4-H members.  If you have any questions about the Lone Star Goat Club please feel free to contact any of the officers.  If you want to join the Lone Star Goat Club visit the Forms Page and print the Membership Form.
2012 Texas State Fair , Friday LSGC Show
2013 NDGA National, Hosted by LSGC Kaufman Tx
Judge in Picture: Rusty Repp Wethers Class
2014 LGSC & Texas Barn Stars Fall Classic
Kris Farley Judge Jr Doe CLass
2014 Gunner Marsden &
Texas Barn Stars Chans Lov Bug
LSGC Parade Float, Date unknown
LSGC Kaufman County Fair
Date unknown appox 2004-2007
LSGC Kaufman County Fair
Date Approx 2008-2009
Judge Susan McEntire